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Interpreting (selection of events/clients)

Špela Urbas Tolmačenje Prevajanje


Pictures from Work

During my assignments, I have had an opportunity to see many parts of Slovenia that I may otherwise never have visited. My work has also taken me around the world: to Roswell (USA), Budapest, Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Paris, Berlin, Thessaloniki, Lisbon, Warsaw, Stockholm, London, Bern, The Hague, Sophia, Cluj-Napoca, Bilbao, Düsseldorf, Sardinia, Malta, and so on. My workplaces have been various interpreting booths, offices, conference rooms, government palaces, city halls, farms, vineyards, orchards, factories and shops, castles, fields, mountains, the sea, etc.

At work

Interpreting perks

Špela Urbas
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